Lucid Management Group places a high priority on protecting and preserving our natural resources, reducing our carbon footprint, and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Whenever possible, we encourage our fabrication and manufacturing facilities to:

  • Utilize recycled steel, plastic and packaging in fabrication;
  • Recycle paper, metal, plastic and wire used in manufacturing;
  • Recycle and filter paints and solvents;
  • Reduce energy consumption and solid waste;
  • Use no hazardous wastes;
  • Source wood products from sustainable forests; and
  • Use water soluble inks.

Whenever possible, we design and produce products that are able to harness solar or wind power, which makes them self-illuminating, self-heating, and self-sufficient. We also use LED illumination that lasts almost 10 times longer than fluorescent tubes and uses up to 50% less power. The results are environmental savings to the world and financial savings to you. Learn more about how Lucid Management Group incorporates environmental sustainability in our product designs.