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Forward-thinking bus shelter manufacturers

Lucid Management Group (LMG) designs, manufactures, and installs covered shelters that are made of durable material and sound structure to protect people and equipment. They keep people safe from the elements like wind, rain and snow. Their stylistic designs also enhance and complement their surroundings and other landscape architecture. LMG builds covered shelters that make use of renewable energy sources. Products like the solar bus shelter, make us one of the world’s most innovative bus stop shelter manufacturers.

The Woodlands T-Series Transit Shelters by LMG bus shelter manufacturers

The Woodlands T-Series transit shelters include architectural wood accented bus shelters and timber truss transit shelter concepts – designed and manufactured by LMG bus shelter manufacturers.

LMG designs, manufactures and installs shelters for large-scale nationwide projects. Additionally, LMG does individual custom projects for specific municipal areas. We recently provided new transit shelters for both the City of Miami and the City of San Francisco. And, we are currently designing and manufacturing transit shelters for BC Transit throughout British Columbia.

Our covered shelter products include:

A full-service shelter manufacturer that has you covered

LMG is one step ahead of other covered bus stop shelter manufacturers. The Lucid Management Group Difference is a state-of-the-art web-based project management software system that manages every aspect of your covered shelter projects. It also allows you to see real-time status updates.

Green energy covered bus shelter designs benefit everyone

The Metro T-Series Transit Shelters by LMG bus shelter manufacturers

Solar Transit Shelter – Semi-transparent solar panels – Sustainable E-Series

LMG is dedicated to encouraging all of our fabricators to follow our strict environmentally sustainable practices. We manufacture with recycled products whenever possible. Further, we build covered shelters with solar panels or wind turbines to make use of renewable energy sources.

For example, as forward-thinking bus shelter manufacturers, we design our solar bus shelters to use their stored energy to power the illumination and/or display panels in each shelter. Any excess power generated can be fed back into the power grid. That’s what we completed for the City of San Francisco.

By designing environmentally friendly covered shelters, we are able to conserve the environment and also save you money in the long run.

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