Covered Walkways

Protect and comfort people with our covered walkways

Lucid Management Group is your covered walkway expert. We are the leading project manager and national manufacturer of cutting-edge protective covered walkways. We provide you the most optimal walkway cover designs that can be attractive and functional. Our walkway covers add a pleasing design to any environment while protecting pedestrians and users from various hazards.

We provide full project management on all of our projects from initial design through manufacturing and final installation. The Lucid Management Group Difference uses state-of-the-art web-based management software that maintains precise quality control and provides clients real-time status updates for their projects via a customer portal. We want to make sure that you are satisfied from the moment your project begins to its final completion.

Our covered walkway systems include:

  • Industrial Walkway Covers
  • Commercial Walkway Covers
  • Solar Walkway Covers

Commercial Covered Walkways

We produce esthetically attractive walkway covers for schools, hotels, and other public places. They present pedestrians with clear paths between buildings and other structures while providing them protection and comfort from traffic, weather, debris, and the dark.

covered walkway-Warm wood accented-LED illuminated

Covered Walkways With a Warm Wood Accent – LED Illuminated

Industrial Covered Walkways

The petroleum industry trusts Lucid Management Group to build durable and fireproof walkway covers. Fireproof walkway covers protect workers from burn-off flares, fire, falling debris, and other life-threatening hazards. We recently completed a walkway cover project for one of Chevron’s gas and oil refineries. Click here to see images of their fireproof covered walkways.

Fireguard EPS Covered Walkway

Fireguard EPS Covered Walkways

Solar Covered Walkways

Lucid Management Group builds solar powered walkway covers which capture and store solar energy during the day and illuminate the walkways at night. Additionally, this renewable energy product contributes to environmental sustainability and is cost-effective to you. By always seeking new methods to use renewable resources and improve our construction designs, we continue to lead the walkway cover manufacturing industry.

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