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Digital Billboard – Modular Cladding System

Many advertising agencies, billboard companies, and media suppliers are discovering the benefits of digital signage solutions. Bigger, brighter, and visible over greater distances, electronic billboards allow a brand’s message to pop off the landscape into the public’s imagination.

Digital signs permit multiple advertisements to appear within the same space via remote control. LED screens maximize time, space, and potential revenues.

Our modular digital cladding system allows for non­custom/high volume manufacturing. This reduces your costs in terms of production, freight, and installation.

Digital Billboard Manufacturer
Digital billboards are steadily growing in popularity across North America. Our structural steel and aluminum framework perfectly showcases this cutting-edge technology. Traditional wooden billboards no longer represent a wise investment in the future.

Our innovative system is pre­designed to incorporate time and temperature digital displays, cut­out graphics, and accent lighting. We make sure your outdoor advertising stands out.

LED Digital Billboard Manufacturer
LMG teamed up with out-of-home advertising company Cieslok Media. Their innovative, large-scale strategies offer the latest in display promotion. We assisted them with the implementation of two prominent advertising billboards along Highway #1 in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Any billboard represents a significant financial investment for its owner. With signage of this scale, you have one opportunity to get it right. Cieslok required a turn-key provider capable of managing all the logistics, including sign installation.

With scouting complete and the proper permits in place, our project manager coordinated all the work to be done by the local agents. It takes approximately 2 to 3 days to install the smaller 10 x 20 digital structures, and 4 to 8 days for the larger
14 x 48 size, but only if the prep work is properly handled.

Digital Billboard Manufacturers

If you do not have a construction team in place, we can help. LMG employs a national network of qualified professionals that handle everything from the transportation and lifting of the pieces to the assembly and electrical installation. We ensure the hole is dug to the correct depth, and that the concrete is properly poured.

We equate our modular cladding system to a giant Lego set. Intuitive and linear, the individual sections are easily assembled on location. These billboards conform to LMG’s modular approach. Our cladding system permits additional height to be added without further redesign. Segmented construction provides a single access point for the cladding pieces; this means easier installation and upkeep. This contemporary aesthetic accentuates the standard signpost.

LED Digital Billboard Manufacturers

LMG billboards can be displayed in a variety of configurations. Whether you prefer offset or center mount, or require a more custom solution, LMG ensures your billboard is positioned at the proper height and angle for optimum traffic exposure. Our graphic rendering, photo inlays, and 3D modeling accurately reflect what the finished billboard will look like prior to breaking ground.

Even with careful planning and a trouble-free installation, unforeseen problems can arise; this is why it pays to have an experienced project manager at the helm, one capable of providing status reports at every stage of development. Our team is also prepared to assist with the billboard’s upkeep, post-installation. Ask us about our service packages.

All research points to the extreme effectiveness of digital billboards in garnering people’s attention. LMG is well-positioned to help you connect with your target audience.

Looking for more details on this or any other LMG project? Contact us today.

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