Translink Scott Road Transit Shelter Upgrade Project

Translink Scott Road Transit Station Upgrade

Vancouver, BC is a distinctly west coast metropolis, one heavily reliant on its public transportation system. The city’s geography makes it susceptible to high volumes of precipitation, especially in the winter months. As a leader in the transit shelter industry, LMG was sought out to produce several covered bus shelters throughout the region. Protection from the rain is a major concern for commuters. No one likes waiting in a downpour.

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The Scott Road SkyTrain station in Surrey, BC​ is home to the largest park and ride lot operated by TransLink—Metro Vancouver’s transportation network. This feature makes the station a major connection point for public transit. Scott Road was the first of seven SkyTrain stations approved for renovations along the Expo Line in 2013, part of an initiative to handle the ever-looming issues of accessibility and capacity. The project was sparked by TransLink, with financial assistance from the federal and provincial governments.

LMG was tasked with providing four bus stop shelters from our Metro T series. The smaller TP1240 model accommodates routes with low daily ridership (40 – 50 passengers). The TP1340 is suitable for average numbers (100 – 200 passengers). And the TP1543 model is recommended for high volume transit locations, or where large park and rides exist: the Scott Road station required two.

Translink Scott Road Transit Shelter Upgrade Project

The Metro features a cantilevered design that permits foot traffic to circulate freely with minimal interference to existing structures. With only two or three contact points required to secure these units to the ground, construction and instillation was non-intrusive and easily performed by a small crew.

With so much going on, we needed to expedite the shelter portion of the project quickly and efficiently. Our fast offsite fabrication helped minimize on-site interruption; when it comes to an undertaking of this scale, simplicity is always preferred. We ensure our clients are aware of every phase of a project’s status, even prior to assembly. Our 3D CAD Software was able to detail the architectural concepts in such a way as to eliminate any guesswork concerning the shelters’ final appearance.

Translink Scott Road Bus Shelter Upgrade Project

LMG’s experienced project managers, field services specialists and installation agents were able to co-ordinate construction with TransLink’s team and city officials. We gained the proper permits and secured the final approvals. Stakeholders were able to track our progress in real time. As a trusted outdoor furniture manufacturer, our team was able to handle all the logistics.

The completed station was officially announced on May 21, 2014. Transit shelters that deliver proper lighting, easy-to-find information and protection from the elements are a valued addition to any urban setting.
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Translink Scott Road Bus Station Upgrade

Translink Scott Road Transit Station Upgrade

Translink Scott Road Bus Station Upgrade Vancouver, BC

Translink Scott Road Transit Station Upgrade Vancouver, BC