Trash Receptacles

Our trash receptacle products are available in a variety of configurations and colors, or can be fully customized to include graphics, patterns and various Add-on options. These trash receptacles incorporate removable liners, removable lids and can be modified to includes various recycle solutions.

  • SF5001- City Line outdoor trash and recycling receptacles

    City Line Trash Receptacles

    Our City Line outdoor trash receptacles incorporate removable liners, removable lids, and can be outfitted with...

  • SF-001-111 - Stealth Litter outdoor trash receptacles

    Stealth Litter Receptacle

    Many of our Stealth Litter receptacle products’ base designs can be chosen from a variety...

  • Trash Tote outdoor trash receptacles

    Trash Tote Enclosures

    Our trash tote enclosures incorporate visual appeal with optimum functionality. A big part of maintaining appearances...