T2C Conventional Solar
T3S Conventional Solar
T2C Conventional Solar
T3S Conventional Solar

Conventional Solar Panels

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We use a variety of solar panels in our products, ranging from Conventional, to Semit-Translucent to Translucent Architecturally Designed panels.


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  • LED Lighting Control
  • Battery Management, and Dead Battery Re-Start Feature
  • Automatic Timing Functions
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Remote Data Logging and Diagnostic Testing
  • Architectural Design

The roof systems can be populated with a combination of solar and translucent glass panels to achieve natural lighting and enhanced visibility. Our mechanically sealed roof systems allow us to populate the roof of the shelter with virtually any substrate, including any and all manufacturer’s solar panels, of any size and configuration. Solar Parking Structures provide shade and shelter from the elements, as well as illumination options at night, providing the facility with a fully sustainable solution, as well as the option to feed the grid with excess power.