SF-001-109 - Trash Tote Enclosure
SF-001-109 - Waste Bin Enclosures
SF-001-109 - Commercial recycling enclosure
SF-001-109 - Two wheeled cart enclosure
SF-001-109 - Trash Tote Enclosure
SF-001-109 - Waste Bin Enclosures
SF-001-109 - Commercial recycling enclosure
SF-001-109 - Two wheeled cart enclosure

Trash Tote Enclosures

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In our continued efforts to improve outdoor/commercial trash receptacles, we decided to invest in the development of a better enclosure

LMG enclosures are comprised of aluminum and powder-coated steel elements treated to reduce rust, corrosion, chipping and scratching.

Optional customization allows municipalities to have their name or logo laser cut onto the front door to accentuate our existing style offerings which include the City Line, Grass Lands, or Honeycomb models. We provide a variety of distinct colours to choose from.  

Whether it’s a system for housing Toters or a line of trash receptacles, we can definitely assist in the development of your next project. Contact us today to speak with an LMG representative.


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  • Steel and aluminum components that are treated with corrosion resistant E-coating, similar to galvanizing.
  • All components surrounding receptacle base, lid, front door, liner and recycling rack are all inter-connected to reduce vandalism and theft.
  • Elevated feet and bin to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance on the street.

Our trash tote enclosures incorporate visual appeal with optimum functionality.

A big part of maintaining appearances involves the trash receptacle serving its ultimate purpose: eliminating instances of unsightly garbage. Our covered enclosures—the first of their kind— keep garbage dry and protected. Like all our receptacles, they are designed to reduce instances of trash looting and littering. Garbage is easily disposed of, without the inconvenience imposed by conventional lids or push doors.

A convenient recycling rack on the unit’s side encourages people to think green. In the spirit of providing further options for trash sorting, enclosures can be bolted together to create multi-purpose recycling stations. The ashtray provides an alternative for smokers looking to stub out, promoting tidier sidewalks and streets.

Trash tote enclosures come in two different sizes off the shelf, and adapt to any number of trash bins currently available on the market (see our Add-ons). Our designs are consistent with the sizing used by most metropolitan collection vehicles, saving clients money on mold fabrication. The adjustable feet can be raised or lowered as needed to accommodate for height or levelling.

Our outdoor trash receptacles offer convenient trash disposal and ease of pickup. The modular styling allows the door to be placed on any side of the unit. To provide additional security for trash cans with wheels, we offer magnetic access card systems similar to those used by strata complexes.

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SF-001-109 Trash Tote Enclosure
SF-001-109 - bottle and can recycle rack Add-on
Trash Tote outdoor trash receptacles
SF-001-109 - Card lock access waste bin
SF-001-109 - universal trash liner enclosure
SF-001-109 - Outdoor commercial waste receptacle

Trash Tote Enclosures City Line

SF-001-109 - Grasslands

Trash Tote Enclosures Grass Lands

SF-001-109 - Honeycomb

Trash Tote Enclosures Honeycomb

Toter Carts

Toter manufactures an advanced rotational moulded waste insert that fits perfectly within the LMG Trash Tote Enclosure. Toter is the leading manufacturer of two wheeled carts for curbside automated waste, recycling and organics collection by cities, private waste haulers and recyclers. LMG manufactures two wheeled trash cart enclosures to contain the totes in virtually any environment.

  • SF-001-109 Trash Toter Enclosure

Uline Two Wheeled Trash Bin Enclosures

Uline is a major manufacturer of litter bin liners. Their trash bins with wheels are design for Large capacity, stable in high winds and uneven surfaces

  • SF-001-109 Uline Can with Wheels Enclosure

Rubbermaid Brute Rollout Containers

Rubbermaid is a supplier of Brute rollout containers that fit perfectly into our LMG outdoor wheeled cart enclosures

  • SF-001-109 Rubbermaid Brute Two Wheeled Bin Enclosure

Otto Waste Bin Enclosure

Otto is a prominent supplier of residential and commercial waste containers. There are a variety of Otto liners that fit with our LMG outdoor trash cart enclosures. The Otto recycling carts and recycling containers also lend themselves well to the design of the LMG outdoor trash bin enclosures. See the variety of Otto waste containment products here at www.otto-usa.com