Solar Parking Structures

Sustainability Products with the Future in Mind

Lucid Management Group is a leader in producing sustainably products including Solar Parking Structures. Our goal is to provide products with environmental, social, and economic benefits. Each of our products is designed to protect both public health and the environment throughout their entire lifecycle.

Our Solar Parking Structures are aesthetically attractive. Solar Parking Structures are ideal for high-tech cities as they provide shade in the daytime and a source of light at night. This product generates on-site solar electric power, reduce energy costs, and provide premium shading with protection from the elements.

An Environmentally, High-Tech Solution


Solar powered parking structures protect vehicles from the elements during the day.

Our Solar Powered Parking Structures are unique in their dual functionality. Protecting both cars and people from the elements, our covered parking structures provide shade in the daytime and illumination at night.

During the day, our Solar Powered Parking Structures prevent heat and other harmful elements from damaging cars and asphalt. When the sun goes down, our solar covered parking structures provide a source of light that is not only a source of light but can also help cut down on vandalism and provide an all over safer environment.

For specific technical information and specs, please visit our product page. The structures generate on-site solar electric power and reduce energy costs. In addition, our Solar Parking Structures provide the option to feed the grid with excess power.

A Full Range of Sustainability Systems

In addition to Solar Parking Structures, Lucid Management offers a variety of products that offer the same level of quality and commitment to the environment.  Our team of dedicated professionals will work with you in order to determine the perfect solution for your needs.

Our sustainability systems include:

Solar Shelters

Lucid Management is well established within the transit industry as a trusted provider of solar shelters for bus stops. We use a variety of solar panels (in panels) in our products ranging from conventional, semi-translucent, and translucent architecturally designed panels.

Our solar shelters use a roof system that can be populated with a combination of solar and translucent glass panels to achieve natural lighting and enhanced visibility. Our mechanically sealed roof system allows us to populate the roof of the shelter with any substitute including any and all manufacturers solar panels of any size and configuration.

Solar Trees

Lucid Management is in the design and development stages of producing a solar tree. Solar Trees are in high demand across North America as the panels can be placed above structures and foliage which normally obstruct direct exposure to the sun. Solar Trees provide an architecturally designed option for the collection of solar energy and provide power to surrounding areas. In addition, a solar tree can provide additional power to the city’s grid.

Solar Covered Walkways

Our solar powered walkway covers capture and store solar energy during the day and provide illumination throughout the night. Solar covered walkways are a renewable energy product and contribute our goal of environmental sustainability while still being cost-effective.

We continue to lead the way in the covered walkway manufacturing industry with our dedication to seeking new methods and renewable resources to improve construction and design.

Solar Advertising

We are proud to offer sustainable solutions to improve your outdoor advertisements. Solar kits provide power to illuminate our advertising caissons. Our solar kits include a charge controller, a light controller, a battery specifically designed for solar applications, and a wiring harness.

Solar Signs


Solar Signs last longer save power.

We are proud to be an industry leader and an environmentally conscious manufacturer for all of our signage. LED signage saves up to 50% power and lasts longer than standard fluorescent lighting. Moreover, we always use recyclable and non-toxic materials in our products whenever possible

The Lucid Management Group Difference

Lucid Management is proud to provide full project management on all of our sustainable projects. From the initial design stage through to manufacturing and final installation, our team ensure your satisfaction.

The Lucid Management Group Difference uses state-of-the-art web-based management software that maintains precise quality control and provides clients with real-time status updates of their projects via our customer portal.

Whether you are in need of Solar Parking Structures or any of our other sustainability products, Lucid Management is the industry leader you can trust.

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